Analysing E-mail Text Authorship for Forensic Purposes

In CYBERCRIME BOOKS on February 3, 2009 at 5:35 am

This chapter outlines the problem attacked by this research and the approach used to solve it.
Section 1.1 discusses why forensic tools are needed to identify the authorship of anonymous e-mail messages, noting the increased usage of e-mail in recent years and the consequent increase in the usage of e-mail for criminal purposes. As criminal activity increases, so must law enforcement and investigative activities, to prevent or analyse the criminal activities. Computer forensics is a field which has grown over recent years, necessitated by the increase in computer related crime (see for example Mohay et al., 2003).
A discussion of the general approach to solving the problem follows in Section 1.2.
Section 1.3 outlines the structure of the thesis and the conclusions of the chapter are
given in Section 1.4.

Download : analysing-e-mail-text-authorship-for-forensic

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